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The edit above is a compilation of an extended studio approved media cut. Unfortunately, many of the films I have supervised have been delayed. I hope to update this in the near future, as the films get released.

For Demeter we created well over 100 postvis shots with additional previs shots for scheduled reshoots. I supervised a team that averaged 10+ artists, which included rotoscoping, tracking, creature animators, tech animator and asset artist.

Much of the production was dedicated to rig removal of set ropes, background replacement, paint outs and additional fx such as rain and fog. The original plates were under exposed with practical rain to contend with. In addition to that we had several creature replacement shots with a live action stunt actor, as well as full cg creature takeovers. Much of the work was manually roto’d, however we did incorporate some AI assisted roto’ing with After Effect’s roto brush. Additional comping and cg holdout techniques were created to help alleviate the quantity of roto required for the ships ropes.

For previs, the client has a particular sequence that needed some creative solutions. The shoot date was quickly approaching and needed to be planned. The director had initial ideas of how he wanted the scenes to play out but wanted a more hands on approach to making that call. I suggested we do an interactive unreal session live over zoom. I am proud to say that I had the pleasure of intruding the director, André Øvredal and vfx supervisor Bradley Parker to the process. While Andre was initially very hesitant, having never done this over zoom before, I guided him through the process taking his direction, allowing him to direct, over zoom, to get a better idea of what he could. Andre was very please with the results and we continued to final the sequence based on what he envisioned.

As supervisor I was responsible for overseeing the entire project, creating the maya and unreal workflow, artist supervision, creative input, mentoring, technical support and client relations.

The the Ballad I was responsible for the supervision of the Postvis production with a team consisting over 15+ artists.

Much of the production consisted of adding CG snakes, background replacement, ‘rotomation’ for holdouts, flying vehicle animations, and general environment fx. I managed teams consisting of animators, trackers, compositors, and technical artists while collaborating with the VAD department for the environments and fx.

Much of the production challenges consisted of generating a large number of snakes, some of which had to interact with environment, without the fast pace of a postvis schedule. I managed a multi layered approach with hero snakes individually animated in maya, in conjunction with the rotomated characters for holdouts, grouped looping snakes for the midground and simulated snakes for the cylinder sequence.

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