If you need some editing or color correction for your reel, youtube clip, marketing video, music video I can do it for you using Adobe After Effects or Premiere.

Video and Editing (After Effects/Premiere)


Time Lapse

(best viewed in 720p mode)

Travel Video

(best viewed in 720p mode)

After Effects Compositing:
The client wanted to test out some comping effects. *They specifically asked not to have the live action actor plate color retouched. They wanted the green washed out look that shot. What I did: Particle effects, cloud effects, green screen keying, compositing. The green bar crossing behind actor is before/after slice.

WIP: UI HUD made with After Effects:
I’m created a voice recognition style UI hud. It’s a work in progress. I start out by using music that hits all frequencies to see the high’s and low’s of the meters. It’s work in progress but once it’s ready I’ll comp this over live action/animation for the full effect.

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