This page is fairly new and being updated.

Whether it’s for a project or my own enjoyment I like to design for everything from logos, UI, websites, stationary…just about anything.

Motion Graphics: WIP: UI HUD made with After Effects:
I’m created a voice recognition style UI hud. It’s a work in progress. I start out by using music that hits all frequencies to see the high’s and low’s of the meters. It’s work in progress but once it’s ready I’ll comp this over live action/animation for the full effect.

Flat design for mobile UI:


This  piece is a comp using my own astro-photography combined with 3D looking type elements. I’m trying to get my hands on larger telescopes to photograph Mars, Venus and Saturn. More coming soon(?).


Logo Design:  A client was looking for a logo the best represents her hand made knit apparels. I photographed and designed the following logo:


WordPress Theme Design:  A client needed a soft inviting site design that stood out away from the competitors. They wanted a friendly, easy to navigate, pastel palette site:



Logo: I once had a site called fabiloo. It had a little bit of a following. Based on the freemium model, the site featured all things free. This was a logo for the free music section.



Interested in a quote for some design work? Don’t wait! Contact me right now to for an estimate!  ( or email info (at) fabiotovar (dot) com )

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