With several years of computer animation experience using Maya and Softimage, I’ve had the opportunity to work on commercials, video games and video game cinematics. My skill sets include animation, rigging, modeling, and motion capture clean up, integration and even direction. The following computer animation reel is comprised of a selection of commercial and gaming work using both Maya and Softimage. Included are snippets of my motion capture direction juxtaposed with the integrated animation. You can read the demo contents, in order, below the video.

  1. The Saboteur EA/Pandemic Animation Lead, In-game/cinematic pipeline, rigging
  2. The Godfather EA, Hand keyed animation and mocap clean up
  3. The Lord of the Rings EA, Hand Keyed Animation
  4. Chester Cheetah Quietman, Hand keyed animation, camera tracking
  5. Gushers – Spontaneous Combustion, Hand keyed animation, camera tracking
  6. Pizza Hut Quietman, Hand keyed animation, camera tracking, particle rendering
  7. Verizon – Spontaneous, Hand keyed animation, modeling, lighting and rendering
  8. Raptors Universal Studios KWCC, Hand keyed animation, character modeling
  9. Little Miss Spider KWCC, Hand keyed animation, character modeling, rigging
  10. Tivo KWCC , Hand keyed animation, rigging

Based in Los Angeles, I am available for full-time and contract projects.
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